Motor Vehicle Accident

Treatments for Auto Accident Pain in Dallas-Fort Worth

Along with how scary they are, auto accidents are a debilitating experience. Not only do they take so much time and energy, but their symptoms are inherently inescapable. While some injuries are clear, many injuries resulting from a car accident seem invisible at first. Eventually, your neck starts feeling stiff after the initial chaos of the car accident subsides, or your tingling arm evolves into full-fledged pain. The pain you experience after a car accident is extremely stressful and a major hindrance on your day-to-day life. Not only do you struggle to keep up with normal daily routines, but the pain seems to be getting worse and worse for months—or even years—after the car accident. If these injuries continue to be left untreated, they will continue to worsen until it becomes chronic (permanent) or until only a surgical procedure can fix it. Regardless of how serious the car accident was, the smartest choice is to see a medical professional for a thorough screening specializing in auto accidents. If an underlying issue from your car accident goes untreated and continues to worsen, it may end up impacting your life.

Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment in Dallas-Fort Worth

Treatment of patients following motor vehicle accidents require a clear understanding of the mechanism and traumatology of injury associated with high velocity injury models such as those seen in acceleration/deceleration injuries (Whiplash injuries). Our doctors are trained and understand the mechanism behind these injuries. Our patient’s injuries are not just ingredients in some recipe book for care. We treat patients, not guidelines.

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