Careers @ Texas Healthcare Neck & Back

Texas Healthcare Neck & Back Clinics are looking for team members.

What our doctors want you to know about joining our team…

Dr. Linda (Joined the team in 2015
“It never ceases to amaze me how long some people have been here. They work really hard to retain their people.  They emphasize leadership and develop community within their group of doctors. There is so much support for the doctors.” 

Dr. Terry (Joined the team in 1998
“The doctors here support one another. We learn from each other, and there are frequent doctor get-togethers for us to trade stories, ask questions, and just enjoy each other’s company.”

Dr. Braff (Joined the team in 2021
“What blew me away the most was when I had a difficult patient who was resistant to my recommendations, and despite my best efforts to help the patient understand the treatment plan, the patient could not be persuaded. The management team had my back 100%. They allowed me to keep my self-respect and integrity.  I’ve worked other places where that wasn’t the case.  I was so relieved to be working in an environment where the management team supports the doctors.”

Dr. Hayes (Joined the team in 2012
“You’re not alone on an island here – there is so much support from other doctors and the management team. Doctors are trusted to lead their clinics and treat their patients. They are not micromanaged. The hours are family friendly, and there are no mandatory late nights or weekends.”

Dr. Featherston (Joined the team in 2005
“The ownership here is very loyal to the doctors, respects them and treats them as individuals. We truly have fun here.  When I hear my staff laughing, I know we’re doing things the right way.”

Dr. Kanter (Joined the team in 2018)
“The doctors here are trusted to do what’s right for the patient.  There is autonomy in making referrals and developing care plans, lots of support, and extra help when needed.  Every level of the company is accessible, and things are certainly never boring!”

A job is defined as “a paid position, casual or occasional work.” At Texas Healthcare, we are looking for those who want a career in healthcare, who desire to be somewhere “for a significant period of time with opportunities for growth.” We pride ourselves on treating our employees the way we want them to treat our patients, with the utmost compassion and care, all while having fun!

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    Sympathy and concern for the suffering of others


    Having nothing to do with genes, but everything to do with love, compassion, and support


    Enjoyable, entertaining, lighthearted pleasure


    High degree of excellence